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Your Color Your Power

The annual Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant, hosted by Fairchild Television, has entered its 29th year, and the grand finale was successfully held at the River Rock Show Theatre on November 30. With "Your Color Your Power," as the theme, the event showcased the grace and intelligence of eight outstanding young women who underwent three months of rigorous training, infusing their lives with vibrant colors and embodying resilience and determination. The finale featured a dazzling array of performances, capturing the essence of the theme and setting the stage for a memorable evening. 
This year marks the 30th anniversary of Fairchild Television. Many celebrities and community leaders sent their congratulations on the LED screen during the gala dinner. Mr. Thomas Fung, Chairman of Fairchild Group, accompanied by Ms. Yiyi Wang, Winner of Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2022, led Mr. Joe Chan, Vice Chair of Fairchild Media Group, and Mr. George Lee, President of Fairchild Media Group, to cut the birthday cake on stage, wishing Fairchild Media Group all the best in the future with the promise to produce more high quality programming in the years to come.
Brain Chiu and Fred Liu formed a charming and dynamic emcee duo who conducted the event in perfect manner, creating a lively atmosphere. Esteemed guests, including renowned singer and veteran vocal coach Ms. Annabelle Louie, Dr. Brian Yang, Head of Surgery at the Royal Columbian Hospital, Miss Hong Kong Pageant Champion Ms. Kayi Cheung, Ken Hsieh, Music Director of the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra and Canadian Paralympian Ms. Stephanie Chan, formed the judging panel and selected the champion and winners of various awards among the contestants.
The opening was kicked off by the eight contestants in colourful attire, showcasing youthful exuberance with lively and coordinated dance moves, complemented by adorable oversized bows – a hottest trend this year. The audience erupted in cheers, marking the commencement of the final competition. Each contestant introduced herself and showcased her unique talent. The performances included the melodious harp performance and graceful dance by No.3 Carolina He, the charismatic speech instructor No.8 Erin Wong's butterfly dance and electronic keyboard presentation, No.5 Isabella Zhai's Chinese flute and powerful sleeve dance, No.6 Annie Zhang's ingenious marriage of traditional and modern ballet, No.1 Tracy Chung's fusion of Chinese and jazz dance, the youngest contestant No.4 Janice Chen's energetic street dance, the versatile No.2 Vivian Szeto's singing and dancing, and No.7 Kelly Ng’s integration of sand art and singing – a true display of multifaceted talents. 
In elegant evening gowns and exquisite jewelry, the contestants radiated timeless glamour in classic tunes of a mini Broadway musical. Demonstrating not only physical beauty but also intelligence, the contestants faced the camera and answered questions with grace and poise. In striking colour swimwear, the contestants confidently navigated the stage, skillfully handling the emcees' witty questions, manifesting their irresistible charm. Closing the event on a high note, the previous year's champion, YiYi Wang, displayed exceptional dancing skills, captivating the audience with an electrifying performance alongside this year's contestants.
Special guest performer, the promising talented star James Ng, received a warm welcome from the audience as he took the stage. His acclaimed performances, both on screen and in music, have left a lasting impression on the public. James delighted the audience with several popular hits, including the award-winning “So She Loves Me Not Enough”, the triple champion song "Hundred and Two Years”, the self-composed and lyricized TV drama ending theme “I'm Afraid It's Too Late to Say Goodbye”, and the crowd-engaging “Sunshine Song” with the audience joining in the chorus.
After meticulous deliberation, the panel of esteemed judges has selected the award winners for the competition.
Champion - No.5 Isabella Zhai
First Runner-up - No.1 Tracy Chung
Second Runner-up - No.6 Annie Zhang
Elegance in Motion Award - No.4 Janice Chan
Lukfook Jewellery Miss Photogenic - No.1 Tracy Chung 
Brian Jessel BMW Outstanding Intelligence Award - No.8 Erin Wong
Royal Jubilee Cordial Beauty Award - No.8 Erin Wong
3 Fish Healthy Charm Award - No.5 Isabella Zhai 
Beauty Court Glowing Attraction Award - No.6 Annie Zhang
Congratulations to Isabella Zhai for her extraordinary achievement in capturing the crown! Isabella will represent Vancouver in the upcoming Miss Chinese International Pageant 2024, acting as a goodwill ambassador to compete with champions from different regions around the world. We wish Isabella the best of luck, bringing glory to Vancouver and continuing the long-lasting MCVP legacy.